When Life Gets…A Tad Dull

They say “you are the creator of your reality”. Life is what you make of it, and I do agree, but we all have those days where life seems to have plummeted to the bottom of the roller coaster again. Teens, especially, are more confined on what they can do or even say because of limited access to resources or authorial restrictions. Regardless of this, here are ways to spice life up.

1. Find out how you re-energize:
While none of us are total introverts or extroverts, we all lean towards one side or another. In most cases, the way we re-energize also depends on our circumstances. For example, if you’re around people most of the day in a work, school, or office environment, you may want a couple hours to yourself and vice versa. When you do this and pay attention to have you de-stress, you can plan your work and play accordingly and be able to find excitement.

2. Make a friend/Talk to a stranger:
I don’t know about you, but I think people are fascinating. Everyone has a different story, background, personality, lifestyle, humor, and etc. This requires stepping outside your comfort zone a bit, but many people would be happy if you take the time to interact with them, and it just makes your day a whole lot better too. One of the greatest human needs is connection, yet we hide behind cellular devices in social situations acting like it’s our sole companion.

In work/class/a club, ditch your friend group for a day, sit on the other side of the classroom, and strike up a conversation with a new person. Regardless of whether the person turns out to be your exact “friend” material or not, you have just earned yourself points on the social and confidence scale, and you might have even brightened someone else’s day. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a complete stranger, but an acquaintance will also do.
2.5 Make Connections:
Take the time to really connect with people – I mean really. Reach out to old friends that you haven’t talked to in a while, ditch the just-small-talk with acquaintances and even take the time to connect with your parents, sibling, or relatives by starting meaningful conversations. This takes vulnerability on your part at first, but eventually, you will be able to reap the rewards.

3. Be grateful:
It’s hard to find excitement or joy in life out of anything if we’re not grateful. When debating with my friends, I’ve realized that no opinion is necessarily correct or incorrect, and it’s often hard to convince the other person of what you believe despite the number of facts and statistics you may use. While those things may shut the other person up, inside they’re probably you loathing you and even more convinced of their own opinions. The point is that everything a matter of perspective. In the world, there are lots of bad, but also lots of good.

What you focus on – your mind finds more of. Focus on that pleasant interaction with, say, that new person you’ve met, and you attract more good experiences resulting in more positive occurrences for you to focus on. It’s a repeating cycle.Try a gratitude log, and when your mind makes up stories about why something sucks, why you’re not good enough, why you can’t do something and gets into a rut of negative thinking, refer back to the gratitude log or muster up the positive experiences and accomplishments in your life.

4. Try something new:
Volunteer, experiment, join a new club/class, take up a new hobby, read a new book, try a sport, and etc.  Many schools and colleges today provide tons of extracurriculars and classes, and students are provided with so many opportunities nowadays. You can even try your own 30-day workout/personal development challenges at the comfort of your own home if you’re unable to always have access to the means stated above.

5. Set a goal and don’t back down:
Take “trying something new” to a next level. When you figure out something IS for you, it’s time to commit. Set a goal, and don’t back down. Like a sport? Consider joining a team or competing. Into theatre or singing? Audition for the next play/musical or participate in concerts and other music-related events. You get the point. There is an assortment of options out there for those into tech, science, math, theatre, sports, culinary arts, art, all of the above and more. Setting a goal and writing it down makes your aspirations more tangible. Even if you don’t achieve the goal, the person you become in the process of aiming towards your goal is far more important.

5.5 Have goals aligned with your purpose:
Why do you want this thing? What does this mean for you? “Purpose” is something you intentionally set in life, not something that falls out of the sky and – BAM – hits you, like everyone expects it. Paradoxically, in order to find your purpose, you must get out more and try new things. Most people have some sort of purpose in life, subconsciously at least, because, without a purpose, people perish.

A popular theory in effect today is a “will to live”. Though it’s hard to gain absolute evidence for this theory, it postulates how some retirees, those facing the death of a family member, or those losing something in which their identity revolves around, are more likely to die because of a lack of purpose or the perception of the lack of purpose. You can make your purpose more substantial and defined by indicating who exactly you are and what you want to strive towards holistically rather than just dawdling through life. This doesn’t even have to be large one but a tinier purpose behind a goal could also suffice. There are lots of distractions in the world such as the t.v., media, and other indulgences, but when there’s a compelling reason moving you forward each day, it’s hard to be bored.

6. Connect to your spiritual side:
While some are more spiritually-inclined than others, everyone does have a spiritual side. I know for me at least, I’m much more aligned, peaceful, yet passionate when I’m connected to my faith, perhaps because it gives me a greater sense of purpose, and it’s also profoundly satisfying. Connect with your spiritual side if you please and experience fervent benefits as well as a greater sense of joy and peace in life.

All of these suggestions are what I’ve experienced and what work for me.  Let me know if you’ve done any of these or if they work for you. Other comments and suggestions would be great as well, and I’d love to hear from you!



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