Little Words of Inspiration: Perfectionism

It’s unreachable. It’s ineffective. It’s the killer of all action. Yet society still tries to strive towards it. I believe women and girls, especially, are especially vulnerable to this idea of “perfection”. While I’ve heard that while it gets you past college, it doesn’t work in the modern world.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “perfectionist’s lie”, but first let me establish why perfectionism is unattainable. In the word, perfect, the latin root “fect” means “make or do”. Therefore, if something is perfect, it is thoroughly “made or done” and cannot be made better than it already is and would be unable to progress or change. This, however, is contradicting to human natures, because humans are species of growth. It’s important to realize that there is ALWAYS going to be something that can be changed, implemented, or tinkered with in the final product.

This is something I’ve somewhat struggled with and part of the reason I was putting off blogging, but some action is better than inaction, and we all have to start somewhere unless we want to get nowhere.

Start something you’ve been putting off today! Be better than “perfection.” Be a starter.


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