Hey my dudes!  I’m Manmitha Neelam (Mitha for short).

I was born in a town near Hyderabad, India but was raised in America for most of my life. I lived in Illinois, Flordia, and Tennessee during the parts of my life I can’t remember as much except a few obscure instances of being chased by swans in Illinois or crying because the Mickey Mouse I saw in Disney World wasn’t the “real one” but a guy in a large costume (I was a smart child even back then, but don’t worry – I actually had a pretty good childhood but more on that later). However, for most of my life, I lived in various suburbs near Atlanta, Georgia.

This fall, I’m going to be a college freshman at the University of Georgia in their Honors program (Go Dawgs!).

Here I am under a tree at UGA 🙂 :


On AnimatedLiving, you will find me documenting my life and goals and posts on my experiences of high school, college, and self-development that may be helpful for you.

(By the way, if you see posts from 2015 – well let’s just say this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted blogging. 😅)

To be honest, I don’t have it figured out, and – let’s face it – a lot of incoming college student don’t either. Shortly after 17-18 years of our lives, we’re expected to know what we want to do for the 50 or so years (props to those who really do, though). Maybe I’m making it sound more brutal than it is, and of course, I’ll have time to figure it out, and change majors and careers multiple times in life, but as for now, I just want to make the best out of whatever comes my way. Hopefully, you can learn and laugh alongside my stories and journey.

And, despite being an optimist, I do have my bad days, but when that happens – I remember Chandler Bing’s quote (and you should do; I know you have them pearly whites ;P):

Image result for chandler bing cute smile quote

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns!



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